About the conference

September 26th –27th, 2013 | Darmstadt | Germany
10th International Conference on High Speed Machining

About the conference

The High Speed Machining Conference is an international well recognized event. The target group is mainly scientists, engineers and industrialists interested on knowing the state of the art, exchanging information sharing their experiences and improvements and discussing trends and even roadmaps for the future in the field of high speed machining.

Due to its various approaches, the Conference is thought to stimulate cross fertilization of the different disciplines and technologies involved in cutting and promoting the widespread HSM applications.

The lectures deal with all aspects of machining: experimental approaches, modelling and simulation, industrial applications, machine tools and cutting tools. An evening event with supporting program as well as visitations of production plants offer ample opportunity for personal networking with the other participants. The event ends with a special gala event.

An additional exhibition and poster sessions provides the opportunity to present latest developments.

Thus, the conference offers an ideal combination of first class speakers, personal networking and insights in selected manufacturing plants on site.